Sunday, March 10, 2013

A Farm Exclusive

I've spent over a week trying to get a video of this, but my son refuses to be a trained monkey. After BFF Lauren chastised me for blog neglect last week I decided it would be awesome to get a video and post it here as a Farm Exclusive. It's not as good a video as I'd like, but it's better than nothing. And there's another one I'd like to get but again, not a trained monkey, so... I'll keep trying! Meanwhile, I give you 14 seconds of Lukester doing his thing, with a cameo by Casper the Pup.

He's only got a few moves in him at a time, but he's all about the practicing! Every time I get close he grabs my hand and makes me walk with him. He's ready to go, just lack the necessary balance!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

A Promise Is A Promise

I was severely chastised earlier today and as a result I swore on my Kindle Library that I'd post to the Farm sometime this week.

Because apparently it's been a while since Luke turned 9 months.

Yeah. It has.

And frankly, it's a miracle I've survived it. Since Thanksgiving it has been one illness after another in our house, mostly involving Luke. And let's not talk about our awesome Christmas travels where Greg stayed in bed for all but maybe an hour over a four day period. Or the fact that moments after we started a new year with a new insurance deductable (because we'd reached our out of pocket max last year and everything for Luke was FREE) we found out Luke needed tubes in his ears. Or Kaycie's fun with flu. For reals, people, we've been a house of carrier monkeys since November.

But survive we (mostly) have and I promised an update so here it is.

Luke is kinda walking. He's taking 4-5 steps at a time and is very proud of himself. It's not a full time occupation, more of a hobby at this point. But he's on it. He's also going through a sleep thing right now that makes me sad because he has been a totally awesome sleeper over the past six months or so. I think it's all the learning to walk that's messing him up. He did start going to Mother's Day Out with K back in Janaury and he's finally settling in there. They adore my little man, and the fact that he sleeps a good 2-3 hours for them every time! He still isn't really talking, but he's making enough appropriate sounds and seems to recognize a few words so I'm not worried about it. His brain trauma was in the speech and language development portion of the brain so it's something we've watched out for. His doc says it is common for second kids to talk later if their older siblings are big talkers, so I figure if he's talking by 3 it'll all be good! His sister is a talker!

Speaking of his sister, she turned 3 since we talked last. God help me, I hope she makes it to four. She's turning into quite the sassy, independent little lady. I won't recap the recent developmental leap that got her so much attention on Facebook, but let's just say she's lucky to be alive. She's still my smart, funny, sweet little girl. Or little bunny, as the case may be today. Some days she's Baby Bird. Some days she's a princess. Today's she's a bunny. We spend a lot of time playing imagination games and a lot of time playing board games and puzzles. And reading. And going places like the Science Museum and the zoo and the library. It's harder for us to find the opportunity to do the fun things we used to do because Lukezilla tends to want to explore what we're up to and it usually ends in disaster. I'd feel bad about that if she didn't love and support her little man so much. She's determined teach him to talk, walk, and right from wrong. At least her version of it... If she's awake before he is in the morning she gets antsy to wake him up. When he does start to stir she's the first one in his room to check on him, tell him it's ok and that she'll stay with him until Mama can get there. Sweet, sweet girl.

As for the adults in the house, we're rocking along, trying not to beat the kids (kidding people, really!), putting together puzzles and playing our table top games Right now we're enjoying a variety of games, including the nerdy deck building games Dominion and Legendary, but over the past few months we've played the daylights out of things like Pandemic (awesome game), Elder Sign, Castle Panic, and Zombie Flux. We had a blast traveling to Atlanta for a work thing last month and hope to make it back to Alabama, South Carolina and Texas over the next few months for a variety of purposes. And there's some potential big news on Greg's job front that may pup up in a few months, but he works for the State so I'm not counting those chickens until I see the paycheck...

So that's where we are. I'm posting more to my photo blog these days just because I've  started a puzzle project and it requires less effort. If you want to see what's going on there, along with the most recent pics of the kiddos, you can do that here.

And now I'm typing with my assistant in my lap because he was done with being ignored. What you got to say for yourself, Lukester?

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So there you go. Maybe that'll get me out of hot water for a day or two!