Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Ok, so I've been thinking that I need to post some of the funny pictures that I spontaneously take of Kaycie doing typically destructive or funny stuff. The thing is, I usually take them with my phone and the quality is pretty terrible. But I'm going to post some anyway. Because she's pretty funny. I send these to Greg most days so he can keep up with what she's doing, why not share some with you too? (And Lauren, if you were my friend on BB messenger I could send these to you, too...) I'm getting a phone upgrade next month, maybe (but most likely not) it will be an improvement in camera quality. But who am I kidding? Next to my Nikon, phone cameras just suck. Anyway, just be aware that there might be some random posts that consist of low quality pictures of my kid doing weird stuff. It's because I'm posting from my phone. Here are a few recent samples:

Practicing for her future blog

Proof that she'll eat anything:

Destructor! But at least she loves books.

Begging for my toast. Who do you think will win?

And by the way, how about that new carpet! Woohoo!

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