Wednesday, February 10, 2010

3 Months

My little girl is three months old today.

Wow. She's gone from fitting the crook of my arm to spilling out when I hold her with both arms.

She's certainly more active. She's trying to be helpful and hold her own bottle, except that usually results in pushing it out of her mouth. She has also become very good at sucking her thumb while drinking her bottle. Again, not the most helpful situation, but a definite sign of talent. Very soon she will be introduced to a spoon and rice cereal. That should be entertaining. And messy.

She's laughing and smiling and babbling a lot. Especially if you play with her feet. She wakes up happy most every morning, after 10-12 hours of sleep. Yes, I know that's ridiculous for a 3 month old child, but the girl likes to sleep. At least at night. Naps are a different story, she'd rather skip those altogether, which tends to result in the appearance of Miss Fussybutt.

Her eyesight is developing quickly. She can see much further and more detail. I can tell because she's taken a lot more interest in the world around her, particularly the things on her nursery walls! She will stare at her flowers in amazement. She's also staying awake more while riding in the car, looking out the window at the scenery. She seems in awe of new places. Hope she keeps that up, as she will be taking her first beach vacation in April!

She doesn't like to snuggle so much anymore, unless she just woke up. She wants to be where she can see. She'd rather sit up in lap or stand up on those strong legs. Just don't expect her to lay on her tummy happily. Uh uh. She hates tummy time with a passion. I know she has strong back and neck muscles, as she will push off of me if I try to put her on my shoulder, but when I put her on her tummy she will just lay still and scream. I'm working on some incentives to make her more patient, but so far nothing's worked.

However, she's recently discovered toys. She likes cloth toys, especially if they make crinkle noises, that she can attack and eat, but she's showing a little interest in her Pooh bear as well. I'm gradually introducing her to new things, but her favorite toy is still her hands, which she likes to chew on, and my fingers, which she also likes to chew on. Second place would definitely be her Leo the Lion, which crinkles and she can chew on. See a theme here?

Finally, one thing that hasn't really changed is her interest in people. She absolutely loves it when her grandparents visit. She made friends with Lauren when she was here before Christmas, and I'm sure will be super excited to see her again next month. She can usually be passed around without much fuss. She had fun at her first Superbowl party, where she met her little cousin Mackenzie and lots of Greg's family. I suspect her first words may be "Who Dat." She didn't do as well at Addyson's birthday party, but we're going to consider that a fluke. Overall she doesn't seem to care who's holding her, as long as she has their full attention and they are willing to have a conversation with her!

She's growing so much. I can't imagine what the next three months will bring.


i'm black betty said...

she is too cute.

tank said...

Such a beautiful baby girl.

GrammarGirl said...

She is absolutely gorgeous! The next three months? Turning over, maybe crawling, and TEETH!

Susan said...

She'll roll over onto her side now, but I don't know if she'll ever voluntarily roll onto her tummy! She may choose to go straight to walking to avoid being on her stomach!

Allison said...

She is just precious!!! I'm so thrilled for you experiencing all of this great stuff! It's just awesome!

In the Dog House said...

She's a doll.