Tuesday, February 16, 2010

The Great Clothes Conundrum

One of the reasons I hate clothes shopping is because I've always been hard to fit. I always seem to be a size in between. Regular pants are too long, petites are too short. If I try to buy a suit the top will be too big, the bottoms too small.

I never realized that these issues began as infants.

Kaycie has long outgrown her 0-3 month outfits. She's been mostly wearing Carters 3 month clothes, but even those are getting too small. I noticed she couldn't stretch out her legs in her 3 month footies today. So I started digging through her 3-6 month clothes. They are all huge on her. The onesies hang down to her knees. The footies are nearly 2 inches too long in the crotch and the legs. I've pulled out almost everything and found maybe two things that she can wear, which aren't quite as too big as the rest. It's not that she doesn't have clothes, she has buckets of clothes. It's not that I need to go buy her clothes, there isn't an in between size to buy!

What I'm saying is that my child, who has a wardrobe 3 times as large as mine, will be mostly naked until she hits another growth spurt! Why can't somebody make 4 month old clothes?


Allison said...

Yeah.....too bad she wasn't a summer baby and then you could just leave her in a gerber snap t-shirt and a diaper!

GrammarGirl said...

They do make onesie "extenders." You could get some of those to stretch the 3m a little further and top them with some pants without feet in them. Those do tend to get outgrown quickly. I do feel your pain and it doesn't get any better when they're grade schoolers. Thankfully, they make 1/2 sizes for older kids.

thestegalls said...

ok, just promise me not to put her in suspenders!

i'm black betty said...

i completely understand. the diva is height wise a 5T, but waist wise a 3T! hate to tell you, but it only gets WORSE!!! :P