Saturday, July 16, 2011


Me: I may be the most pitiful thing you've ever seen if I don't feel better tomorrow.

Greg: you've been the most pitiful thing I've ever seen for the past two weeks.

For the record, he declared it OK because I'm pregnant and now I'm sick too. And because it's still not as bad as last time.

In totally unrelated news, Kaycie stole a big rock from the parking lot of the restaurant we ate at tonight. She insisted on taking it with her and played with it pretty much all the way home, including taking off her own shoe and putting it on the rock. On the bright side, she didn't throw it through the van window like I thought she would.


Allison said...

I am cracking UP! Kaycie is the most hilarious child I've ever seen!

Susan said...

She tried to take the rock into Walmart this morning. I finally talked her into leaving it in her carseat. That rock needs to find a new home!

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