Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I keep thinking I'll sit down and write one of the dozen posts on my mind lately but it just never seems to happen. I'm tired, people. Tired. And sick. Had my OB appointment today and the doc referred to my respiratory infection as "not quite pneumonia... yet." I've been some level of sick, along with everybody else in my household, for six solid weeks. And I'm tired.

On the bright side, I'd gained 4 pounds putting me at +8 after 6 1/2 months. For once I didn't get in trouble for anything at my appointment. Sugar was fine. Iron was fine (it was low last time). Weight was good. She even said she was fine with the total of 8lbs since she already knew I was capable of growing a good sized kid regardless. I was even in and out of the office in record time. They had me in a room checking the heartbeat five minutes before my appointment was scheduled to start. I was out the door 20 minutes later. That never happens.

Did I mention we had a whopping three tick or treaters and now there's a big bowl of chocolate at my house that I'm not allowed to eat and I WANT IT. I also want to drink a big vat of hot chocolate. And drown in the bag of candy corn on my counter. And go buy all the half priced Halloween candy I can fit in the van. And I want ice cream in a waffle cone. And I want to start making fall treats like fudge and truffles and little acorn candy out of Hershey's Kisses... I never crave sweets until the doc says I can't have them. For the record, I have been stellar at laying off the sugar. But it's requiring a large percentage of the small amount of energy I have.

Meanwhile, I have a whole post in my head about the kid that's currently residing outside my womb. She's amazing. Not that she's any more brilliant than anybody else's kid, she's just more brilliant than she was two weeks ago and I love watching her develop her little brain and motor skills. It occurred to me last night that if she'd been born on time her birthday would have been yesterday. Thankfully, I have another week and a half before facing that. Not that I've wasted much stress on it, we're doing a small family-style party at the park in Philly the Saturday after. No big guest list. No big decorations. Getting a Mickey Mouse cake, because my kid has a Mickey Mouse addiction (which is totally genetic). She's getting a swing set that should be put together this weekend and a couple of other toys and that'll be it. I've also got the vast majority of her Christmas taken care of already, because I'm just on top of things like that. And because I one of her bigger Christmas item was on sale last week and I had a coupon that expired at the end of October. And I bought a couple of things for her birthday before we decided to go with the swing set, so I'm pushing those back to Christmas. And poof. Done.

And now I have one hour before I need to leave to go pick up my antibiotics and get my kid from school. I could go clean up the kitchen. I could go sort through all the junk I've stashed in the nursery that needs a new storage home. I could clean the bathrooms. I could do the laundry. I could start the rolls for dinner tonight. I could... I could lay on the couch and read the book I took the doc's office but never had time to get out of my purse.  I'll let you imagine whichever answer you think is best there...

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Allison said...

I hope your meds kick in and you start feeling MUCH better.

I can't believe that your child is almost 2. She's adorable! I so enjoyed getting to see her this week.

Take care of yourself. Anytime reading on the couch is an option, it would be my number one choice.