Monday, November 21, 2011

MicroTot's Nursery Pictures! (Updated)

I'm like 7 weeks away from giving birth. Holy smokes people. Where'd the time go???  As I recall, at six months I had Kaycie's nursery cleaned up, decorated, furniture in place, ready for my baby girl. With seven weeks to go, here's MicroTot's nursery:

 Yes, that's an elliptical machine in the front. We're doing the nursery in a gym theme. What's that you say? It's ok, he really only needs a place to sleep at first? Yeah. Here's his crib:

That's how I organized baby stuff from the storage stuff I moved out of Kaycie's room. The baby stuff (and now a lot of Kaycie's Christmas stuff) are stashed in the crib. Until it overflowed. To my credit, I took these pics yesterday right before I started tackling parts of the mess. I managed to clear a path to the closet and haul a van load of stuff to our storage unit. The elliptical is hopefully moving itself to my parents' house this weekend, if it'll fit in the van with all our junk while traveling for the holiday.  A chunk of what's left is clothes Kaycie has outgrown or toys that are currently "out of rotation." The clothes I need to pack up and take to storage, I have no idea what I'm going to do with the toys at this point. Guess I can't have everything planned out in my head to never actually get done...

And I'll give you a little teaser for things to come (hopefully before we go on interweb hiatus for the holiday - neither set of parents have decent access) - I do have birthday party pictures to share (there are a few new things on the photo blog, which also needs a couple of updates this week) and the story of today's exuberant announcement by my child - "Mama, Kaycie made mess!" Yes, I got pictures of the aftermath of that one, too. :) But first, I have to coerce her back into clothes (the previously mentioned "mess" required stripping her down) and let her outside for a few minutes before the crazy early dark arrives.

UPDATE: Ok, I actually went back and checked (thanks to having blogged about it!) and while I did have the nursery cleaned out for Kaycie by the end of July, I didn't finish decorating it until the end of September. That was 34 weeks. I'm 32 weeks today, so if I can get everything cleaned out, decide on some decoration, do some shopping, buy a chest of drawers, and get everything put together and decorated within two weeks, I'll still be on the same track. Right?

Coincidentally, I'm glad I looked that up because I mentioned in that post that I'd been having the BH contractions at night. I started having those with MicroTot last night, but Greg made the comment that it seemed like it was a lot earlier than last time. Not really. At most a week or two, since I didn't say exactly how long I'd been having them in the previous post. That makes me feel better. I met a little old lady in Walmart last week who proclaimed that I would have this one early since I'm carrying so low. While I'd be absolutely fine with December 30, for financial purposes, I'd be happier with waiting long enough to make sure he's a good sized healthy little dude!

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