Sunday, September 20, 2009


Tot turned 34 today, which is kinda overwhelming to me. It just seems like I'm a lot closer to the end all of the sudden. I've been having Braxton-Hicks contractions most nights, which is also a little startling. I just keep thinking we're still two months away, but that's starting to seem like not so far away...

Meanwhile, last week my parents bought us a glider for the nursery. Today we got around to assembling it, which got me motivated to move some furniture and hang some things on the wall. See:

My shower curtain art (above) went up on the wall above the glider and the big flowers my MIL gave me (below) went above the crib.

(Ignore the stuff in the crib, it's currently storage for baby gifts!)

I also finally found a steal on curtains last week. All four panels were a total of $14. I've debated between hanging them this way or hanging them in stripes (pink/green/pink/green).

The other wall is the closet, so not much to do there. Got a couple of other things that will need a home on a wall, but I don't actually have possession of all of it yet, so I'm not sure where it will all go.


Allison said...

That is so cool. I like the curtains the way they are, but I'm kinda weird about stuff like that.

Two months. Wow. You've been a real trooper so far!

i'm black betty said...

so the nesting bug has bitten!! LOL!!! looks good. only 6 more weeks???? wow!!! :)