Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Busy Week

We have quite a bit going on this week. In addition to the usual boring things I need to do, we have an appointment with Dr. T. for a Tot checkup on Wednesday, which also happens to be our anniversary. Woo! Not only did Greg take off work on Wednesday, he took off the rest of the week as well. This will be the first year we haven't traveled somewhere for our anniversary. We had talked about taking a quick road trip to Memphis for a couple of days, but decided that instead of spending the money for that we'd stay home. Ok, the truth. Greg offered to stay home Thursday and Friday and help me nest. There. I admit it. I'm nesting. Sorta. It feels more like an "Oh, crap, I have to get some stuff done and I'm down to just a few weeks to do it!" But I guess that's what nesting is, huh? Anyway, my wonderful husband has offered to help since I'm more or less brain dead at this point. So then Saturday is baby shower #2 and an evening of fun with some friends. Sunday will probably result in me collapsing somewhere in the house and not moving for hours on end.

Anyway, back in June and early July I was faced with the task of cleaning out the office/storage room to make room for the nursery. Our house doesn't have an attic or much storage space of any type, so I had basically used the 3rd bedroom as a makeshift attic/office since I bought the house some six years ago. Moving all that junk out was no easy task. After giving away 5 large bags of clothes, throwing out more bags of garbage than I can count, getting rid of a big farmhouse table and an elliptical machine, filling up a hallway closet with buckets of craft supplies, and finding new homes for a handful of other items, everything that was left got shoved into the guest room until I could figure out what to do with it:

Yes, those bins are stacked 4 high. The time has come to figure out what to do with it. Thursday and Friday of this week is going to be dedicated to finding a place for as much of this as possible. I think almost half of it is Christmas decorations. And we somehow own a pile of luggage (much of which is actually under the bed and in the closet in this room AND our bedroom). I spent last week cleaning out our bedroom to make some extra space. I need to clean out the shelves in the laundry room as well. Did I mention that I have even more Christmas decorations stored in the laundry room? I'm going to need more garbage bags.


Allison said...

Put him to work! Crack that whip!

Susan said...

Ohhh no. No whip cracking, this is strictly voluntary. I admit that the vast majority of that stuff is mine, and if I left it up to him he'd be putting it on the curb by the bin full!

tank said...

And your gonna have much, much more junk when the baby gets here. Toys will be piled up everywhere! Don't fight it.