Friday, September 4, 2009

A Post In Which I Discuss Laundry Detergent

Yes, I'm posting about laundry detergent. It's my job now. I do a lot of laundry, therefore it's what is on my mind.

My laundry detergent has disappeared. For many year's I've used All brand because it's half the price of most others and works fine. And comes in the super small bucket. Greg is very sensitive to laundry detergent, so I buy the Free & Clear version. Everybody's happy. Then we bought our front loader high efficiency machine last summer. Wanna guess how many places sell All Free & Clear in an HE version? Kroger. That's it. Found it once at Walmart, but never again. Not a problem. A little more expensive at Kroger but still cheaper than Tide and Kroger likes to send me coupons for it.

This week I discovered that my Kroger no longer carries it. I sighed a big sigh and went in search of another brand I could use. I found plenty of HE options. And plenty of Free & Clear options. Unfortunately, manufactures haven't caught on the combo yet. Nothing. Not a single scent free HE laundry detergent, not even Tide. I've checked every place in Clinton I can think of, nothing.

I figure my options at this point are:

a) drive all over town in search of somewhere within a 30 mile radius that sells a scent free HE detergent that's not ridiculously priced.

b) give up and start making my own homemade laundry detergent (which are typically low suds, making them fine for HE machines).

c) stop washing clothes.

I haven't made a decision yet. I'm leaning towards option C.


clstigger said...

and you are also going to need the free and clear to wash all those baby clothes in the future!

Anonymous said...

Or you can go to, they have a household goods section and order it there. They only sell the giant 288-load bottle ($55.24) but no driving, home-chemsirty sets or BO involved.

Allison said...

Yeah. I vote for C too. =)

Susan said...

finally scored a bottle at target in flowood, which is about as far away from my house as you can get and still be in the jackson metro area.