Thursday, September 3, 2009

A Less Than Information-Filled Update

So we had a doc appointment yesterday afternoon, but I have nothing to report. My sugar was fine, they didn't even stick my finger (so HA!, Greg, I was right about chocolate cake that is associated with a birthday being sugar free!). I broke even on weight again, which didn't make her happy but didn't exactly get me yelled at. I think I was technically up half a pound. She wants a few more, but I got 8 more weeks to get there! Other than that everything is running along as planned.

In other ironic news, yesterday was the first day we had to wait due to baby deliveries. Apparently Dr. T delivered 3 babies yesterday. Why do I find this ironic? 'Cause it was Sept 2! I know more people born on Sept 2 than any other single day of the year. I think I ended up with a total count of 5 yesterday, and I suppose you can add 3 more now! I've decided it's a Christmas/New Year's thing. Gotta do something while waiting up for Santa.

As a side note, Tuesday night was baby class. We got to meet and interrogate one of the anesthesiologists. And yes, I just spelled that without looking it up. Anyway, the doc was a hoot. He explained everything, took lots of questions, and made the big needle sound less scary than it did before. He brought all the needles and stuff for people to look at if they wanted to. I refrained. I was the only one in class who didn't want to see them, but for me sometimes ignorance is the best policy. That aside, my two favorite quotes from the Q&A session:

Guy in class (after doc talked about potential problems and how they can fix almost all issues): "What can't you fix?"

Doc, (rubbing his hand over his shiny head): "Baldness..."

and my personal favorite:

Greg: "What reasons are there for not getting an epidural?"

Doc (who already admitted to being a big baby about pain himself): "I can't imagine one..."


Allison said...

LOL! Are there any more classes? Can I go with y'all to the next one? This sounds like fun! =)

GrammarGirl said...

I didn't have an epidural with my first, just the pain-killer. And for her birth, that was enough. Second came fast and furious, and painfully. I got the epidural and it was a good thing (she was nearly 11 pounds). Both ways have advantages--go with your gut.

My husband was not a good birth class guy--I swear he turned green a couple of times. The nurse took me aside at the end of our classes and told me I might want to consider seriously a doula or another coach. LOL. He was a trouper when it came actual time, though. So much so that they asked us to come back to a future class and speak. HA!

Susan said...

Allison - Trust me, that has been the only part of class I would consider entertaining! After the doc left the nurse went over C-Sections, including a video. That discussion included things like, "...Dad's, you will go with the baby for assessment while they stitch up Mom. Whatever you do, DO NOT look over at Mom as you walk by. Her uterus will still be sitting on her stomach and if you pass out we are required to make you go to the ER..." As the one with the uterus, that didn't make me feel better!

And GG - I'm open to whatever. I deal with pain fairly well as long as it's not hours and hours of it. At this point I just do whatever Tot tells me to do!