Wednesday, September 30, 2009


My doc appointments have gotten so boring I don't even get in trouble for not gaining weight anymore. Things should liven up from here on out, though. We start our weekly visits next week and should get an idea of how anxious Tot is to make an appearance. My rule is that she has to wait until the 17th, as I have 3 more baby showers between now and then! Gotta get her good and clean before she arrives. Technically, she'll be considered "full term" at 37 weeks, which is... gulp... next Sunday, October 11! Um, that's really soon.

Anyway, feel free to start a betting pool on the date at this point. Greg is saying Halloween. I'm thinking it needs to either be Oct 12, which is BFF Lynn's birthday (but still, entirely to soon for my nerves at this point!) or Nov 7, which would devastate my dear brother. That's his birthday. Not only have I been forbidden from giving birth on that day, I've actually been forbidden from giving birth the entire month of November. He told me I had to wait until December. Preferably the end of December. We won't discuss the comparrisons that were made to elephants at that point, but I did threaten to cry on him if he wasn't nicer to me. That scares him more than anything else.

Of course, I've also been given lists from several of my friends of dates that are not acceptable, as they will not be in town. If I combine all of those, I have about 3 days during October and early November that are acceptable. Somehow I don't think Tot is going to be that accomodating.

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Allison said...

Have her on Oct 21 - that's my Dad's birthday - it would help me remember. =)