Friday, September 11, 2009

A Little Flu Humor

I totally stole this from my friend Danielle's Facebook status:

What is the difference between the bird flu and the swine flu..... the bird flu requires "TWEETment" and the swine flu requires "OINKment".

I'm so adding that to my very short list of really bad jokes.

And here's a little something my MIL sent me this morning that I also found hysterical:

A little flu humor for your weekend. I'm getting psyched up for the first baby shower on Sunday and waiting on my mother to make a decision about when she's actually going to show up at my house. Could be any time between now and Sunday at 2! Good thing she raised me to be the flexible type. Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! Hopefully I'll have some new pics of Tot from the shower to post next week, just to prove I really am getting larger.

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