Friday, July 6, 2012

Bad Sign

Captain's Log: Star Date Unknown

I logged on to my computer today to find that I have lost two months of my life.

My Bloglines has exploded with nearly 4,000 unread posts.

Pinterest has forgotten who I am.

Facebook is full of re-posted crap I don't even want to wade through.

My blog suggests my six month old just turned 4 months.

What the hell.

I'm not dead, folks, I'm exhausted. We've gone through several weeks where nobody in my house is sleeping. Not Luke. Not Kaycie. Not Casper. And definitely not me. I've been in survival mode and I'm barely managing that. This is literally the first time I've turned on my laptop on gotten online in weeks. If I can't do it from my phone I just don't do it. And blogging from my phone isn't really easy.

I haven't even taken my camera out of it's bag in over month.

I have read nothing but certified trash on my Kindle.

If it requires brain cells, it's just going to have to wait.

Thankfully the grandparents have been coming to our rescue or I would probably be locked up in the looney bin by now. We've been sharing custody, especially of Kaycie, all summer. I don't think we've had her home more than about 10 days in a row since school was out. She's at my parents' house this week with her BFF cousin Robin. Every time I call to check on her I hear squealing laughter in the background. I don't think I'm missed. And I'm ok with that.

The only reason we're having this conversation now is because Luke chose this week to take pity on me. He's slept through the night until 6:30-7:30ish the past two mornings. With K gone and Casper banished outside at night, this has allowed me to become almost something close to what might be considered human over the past couple of days.

Unfortunately, this development led me to believe I could dink with iTunes to sync the music on my phone today which may very well lead me back into the abyss within the next five minutes.

In the meantime, I miss my peeps. Hope you guys are hanging in. I'll try to swim to the surface next week to give you the up-to-date on Luke's six month checkup. Later in the month we should be having another MRI and his follow up neurology appointment. Frankly, I have no worries about the little man. He's a pretty happy camper.

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Allison said...

Yay! I'll take lunacy ravings - just glad you're alive!