Monday, May 14, 2012

Velocipotamus Update - 4 Months

My little dude isn't exactly little.

Luke turned 4 months on Friday and today he went in for his checkup.  As expected, he scored 90th percentile and up on all his stats.  He's 16lbs 11oz, 26.25 inches. Ummmm. That's bigger than K was at that age and I called her a giant.

 I'm really glad I made myself blog updates for K at different stages. It helps me realize that things sucked when she was 4 months old, too. Last night I was up with Luke at 3:30 thinking, "What the heck made me think I could manage two of these? I was doing good to manage one. I'm not going to survive this..." Today, after going back and reading the post about K at 4 months I have to say I feel better about things. I don't think it's any worse this time around, and I survived it before, and she turned out pretty funny, so... Maybe there's hope!

That said, Luke's becoming quite a bit more alert. He's taken an interest in things around him, especially people. He hasn't shown an aversion to any grandparents yet, so I'm counting that as a positive. He demands attention now and at times will only be happy if you sit and talk to him so he can talk back. He likes his new saucer although he's a bit suspicious of some of the animals on it. He is less suspicious and more enamored of his feet. Well, his right foot anyway. It's fascinating. And he's pretty convinced he can eat a bottle and suck his thumb at the same time. I'm not entirely sure he can't. Another favorite past time is playing peekaboo, which means he can pull anything over his eyes and then fling it off. He thinks that's pretty darn funny.

He's a pretty big fan of his sister and the feeling is mutual. Kaycie still loves to help with Luke. She wants to check on him and if he's mad she wants to tell you how to fix it. She also likes to force feed him his paci. She also likes to share... well, she likes to share her illnesses anyway. They've both been sick for the past 3 weeks. Today we're buying a nebulizer, because there's no point in renting one. My poor kiddos will never outgrow the nasty allergies that plague us here in MS. 

I blame his ickies for the fact that he hasn't been sleeping well, but the reality is that he has never really made a habit of sleeping well. The blissful weeks of K sleeping through the night early were clearly a fluke. Luke's not having it. My MIL likes to say that Greg didn't sleep through the night until he was like 9 (okay, usually it's more like 2 but still) and I fear Luke may be following that path. Heaven help me, I may not survive after all.

Sure I will. Eventually they'll be teenagers and sleep all the time, right?


Allison said...

I just love that he's a big baby. Babies are supposed to be chubby and look like they bounce. He's so cute and just when I think Kaycie can't get any prettier, she does!

Allison said...

I know you're busy and all, but I sure miss your blog.

And I miss YOU. We need to catch up one day soon. =(

Susan said...

I haven't turned on my computer in weeks. Literally. Anything I posted right now would simply read, "I'm so tired I don't know my own name..." But K is gone this week and Greg is home until Thursday so it's on my list of things to do!