Friday, October 10, 2008

Cold Medicine Induced Ramblings

I finally gave up and gave in to being sick. I was feeling better, then worse, then a little better, then worse. I decided to stay home and drug myself into oblivion in the hopes of pushing myself further towards better.

I've got one of the financial news networks on in the background. I've never been one to watch the financial networks but when we were at Disney they cable channel selection was limited so we ended up watching a lot of it, and have had it on every night since. I'm not exactly panicked by the market free fall this week, but I have some concern about how much worse it might get. My IRA has lost half it's value from when I rolled over my 401K about 18 months ago. I see opportunity in the market right now, rather than fear, but the potential trickle down effects of job loses and business closings is a bigger issue.

Finally, my friend at work, Mrs. B (the one who lost her husband in a tragic accident last month) came to my office last night to ask me about some financial issues she's facing. She's in her 50's and terrified of what she's facing. As a public service announcement, I ask all of you - please, please please, if you aren't in a position where your family can live comfortably off of one salary, make sure you have plenty of life insurance. It sucks to think about it, but if the highest income in your household suddenly disappeared due to a death, could the survivor make it on what's left? AND pay for a funeral? Term life is simple and cheap. Make sure your family is taken care of.


mayberry said...

I was afraid you were home sick when you hadn't posted. =(

Hope you get well very soon!

CluckyRN said...

Did Casper behave while you were gone?

Hope you are better soon..I had the crud last week too.

They have Spiderman Tater Head at Dollar General :P

Sandi said...

Sorry you're still sick. Make sure you've got life insurance. ;)


Good post ... and you're right about the insurance. I agree with ole Dave on that one.

From the Doghouse said...


i'm black betty said...

how ya feeling?