Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Bad Hair Day

My apologies for being somewhat anti-social of late. I'll blame it on the weather and being a bit busy. Sounds good anyway. In light of not having enough functioning brain cells to actually put together a post, I thought I'd offer up my current method for finding my car in a crowded parking lot.

It's my new antena topper, one of serveral we picked up at Disney. I assure you, my car may look identical to 1/3 of the cars in any given parking lot at any given time, but no longer have trouble finding it! This was one of my favorites. We have similar haircuts.


i'm black betty said...!!! :D

mayberry said...

ROFL! Now I know how to stalk you! =)

The Topiary Cow said...

Wait just a minute!

That's the universal sign for Topiary Watering Holes and Good Eats.

Just thought you ought to know. You might have stray Topiary crowding your car.


Sandi said...


From the Doghouse said...


Eat drum! Eat drum!

No Animal, beat drum.

Oh. Beat drum! Beat drum!

Susan said...

You'd think that stalking thing would work, but, sadly, we change them out often enough that you'd have to find me pretty quick! We just took the ghost with Mickey Mouse ears off last week!

And TC - all stray topiary are welcome!