Sunday, August 21, 2011


And during all the commotion today, my child chose to be about as difficult as I've ever seen her. Geezum. Peetes. Just a sample from this evening:

Me: Kaycie, do you want to go get in the tub with the bubbles? (One of her favorite things in the world, by the way)
Kaycie: No.
Me: You sure?
Kaycie: No.
Me (baffled): Ok then, we can do it tomorrow.

Half an hour later...

Greg: Blah blah blah pajamas blah blah
Kaycie: Bubbles?
Greg: You didn't want bubbles tonight, remember?
Kaycie: Bubbles?
Greg: Not tonight, it's too late.
Kaycie (with pitiful face and lip tremble): Bubbles?
Me: FINE. But this will be the shortest bath ever. Greg, will go dig her some pajamas out of the dryer while I put her in the tub?
Kaycie: NOOOOOO!

Kaycie runs down the hall, finds a pooh book and forces it in Greg's hand.

Greg: I thought you wanted bubbles?
Kaycie: Book.
Greg: You're about to get in the tub.
Kaycie (crying fit in progress): Boooook.

Greg sits on the couch and reads her a book while I go grab her pajamas. After the book, he starts undressing her and putting on her pajamas.


Insert crying fit. I take her down the hall, read 3 books, and put her in bed, which is usually routine and she tells me bye and everything is fine. Tonight she says, "UP?" and starts another crying fit as I leave.

Did I mention that this was not the first (or the worst) tantrum of the day? The first one came at nap time, while I was trying to get her to sleep in her new bed while my mom was sending me texts and I was trying to update my cousins. She ended up in a screaming fit, so I put her back in her crib. She screamed harder. I put her back in the bed. She got even louder. I put her back in the crib and put myself in my bed, where I curled up in a ball and had a minor meltdown. She also went batty at dinner and was flinging herself at me. Seriously. I think she's been possessed today. And of all days, today was bad enough without it!


Allison said...

Awww boo, I'm SO sorry it's been such a crappy couple of days. I will be lifting up extra prayers for all of you.

I have yet to figure out how kids seem to have the uncanny ability to be in the worst moods when we need them to be in the BEST moods.

Sending you lots of love.

Susan said...

Thanks girl. Today's been better, I'm hoping tomorrow will actually qualify as "good!"

Nicole Bradshaw said...

We have ALL had those days! Hugs!