Thursday, August 11, 2011

Taking a Break

This weekend we're dropping Kaycie off with my parents and running away from home.

What am I most looking forward to during this break? Is it the trip to Memphis with Greg? I am looking forward to that, but it's not #1. Getting some much needed sleep? That's a close second.

The number one thing I'm looking forward to is not changing diapers for a few days. Seriously. I don't generally have a problem with changing diapers, but with Kaycie every diaper change is a battle. Flat out rebellion. Running away until I chase her down. Fighting, screaming, kicking. And as a pregnant woman who is having periodic nausea issues, stinky diapers are not my friend.

Speaking of TMI, I sent Greg a text today that said, "Just once I'd like to throw up without an audience." He replied "Just give it 12 years..." Sigh. At least Kaycie's nice about it. She'll stand next to me patting me on the back and saying, " 's ok, Mama. 's ok."

So anyway, yes, that's what I'm looking forward to. I just hope these stupid allergies go away and I feel human in time for our trip.

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Allison said...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time and that you are feeling much, much better by tomorrow.

The diaper thing sounds like absolutely no fun, but it is sweet that she tries to comfort you when you're sick. At least she's compassionate. Casper probably looks at you like, "What's YOUR problem?"