Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Mash Up - Head Above Water Edition

As you might imagine from the previous post, things have been a little overwhelming at our house lately. Thankfully we've had lots of help from grandparents or else I would be in an institution by now. And there are a few really awesome things going on outside the realm of my kids, hard as that is to believe...

My  mom retired at the end of last week.

My brother is getting married on March 17.

My BFF Lauren is coming to visit for the weekend in... about 5 hours (woo!).

I have a whole list of other friends I haven't seen in way too long that I should be able to see next week!

In the "If you don't laugh you might cry" file, yesterday Greg and I were eating our romantic Valentine's Day dinner at Cane's Chicken Fingers when we saw that another guest  had left their cup on their table when they left. There's a current promotion going on where you collect peel-offs from the cups to win free stuff (which is how we got our dinner, a free combo meal) and we're pretty close to getting more free stuff, so we were debating nabbing the cup to get the peel-off...

Greg: You distract the other customers and I'll go grab the cup.
Me: What should I do, flash them??
Greg: We're in a restaurant full of nothing but women...
Me: All of whom are better endowed than I am. We need a new plan.

Sadly, we didn't get the cup. An employee beat us to it and threw it away. But we did collect more off our own cups and have a free sandwich combo waiting on us. We've already gotten the free 3-finger combo and a free tea. We also have a free extra finger and a free toast. We spend too much time at Cane's.

I hope to do some photography while Lauren is here to play assistant this weekend. I want to get some shots of the kids together, and some announcement-worthy shots of Luke (which is long over due). We'll see how that works out.

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Allison said...

Yay!! Nothing like some free stuff and time with a good friend to give yourself a happy boost!

I think Cane's is one of my new favorites for a hamburger break. I go down to the one on Lakeland sometimes when I'm bored between classes.