Sunday, February 26, 2012

Why We Need a Twelve Step Program

Greg goes back to work tomorrow.

We have been exceptionally lucky to have him home for seven weeks. However, this extended leave has left us with a problem.

Hi. My name is Susan and I'm an addict. My daughter is also an addict. We are addicted to having Greg home.

Tomorrow is going to be bad. I accept this now. Not sure what made me think I could handle a high spirited toddler and an infant by myself. Maybe if I get started now I can get them both dressed and diaper bags packed and everybody in the car in time to go see Greg for lunch tomorrow. Because Kaycie is going to need a Daddy fix.

Meanwhile, I am grasping on to the idea that tonight will be the first night ever that both of my children sleep through the night at the same time. It's been bad enough with Greg and I playing rock/paper/scissors to determine who gets up with which child during the night. With Greg back at work I really don't want him to have to deal with it unless it's absolutely necessary. Hopefully with the "regular" routine getting back on track Kaycie will settle down and start sleeping again. Let's just pray I survive until Wednesday when she'll have school again...

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