Thursday, April 5, 2012


A few weeks ago one of my oldest and dearest friends told me she was facing the end of her nearly 15 year marriage. A week later she found out she was pregnant, multiplying her fear and stress by about a million. Two days ago I was chatting with her and told her that I wish I knew what to tell her, but to just hold on to every moment she has right now. It's not over until it's over.

Yesterday another sweet lady I know ran out of moments. She lost her husband to a long term illness. They knew it was coming and she had some time to cherish the moments of their life together, but I can't imagine the heartbreak of knowing there won't be any more.

My brother got married a couple of weeks ago in what appeared to be one of the happiest moments of his life. I hope he holds on to that moment over the years to come.

All these moments make me want to hold on to my own. I want to have a nice dinner with my husband tonight. I want to enjoy every moment with my kids, capturing things like K singing her favorite song ("Tinkle Tinkle Wittle Staaaa", if you didn't see the video on FB yesterday). I want to enjoy the moments with my parents and inlaws. I want to hold on to the moments I had with my grandparents. I want to find that picture of my Grandma Reese staggering into the back bedroom at 4am to tell me and my cousin Lynn to BE QUIET AND GO TO BED.

I want to remember to thank God for every moment I get from here forward. No matter how many there are, I know there won't be enough of them.

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Allison said...

Don't make me cry today. Please. Ugh. Too late.