Monday, April 23, 2012

Told You.

Okay, so you know in the post about the iPad I talked about how K was fascinated with letters and I was wanting to do some more structured activities around that? I printed out some alphabet color pages and she's colored on some off and on all week and we put a few on the fridge to admire. However, nothing on the fridge will stay, as she will walk by and take it down two dozen times a day. So today when she wanted to put one on the fridge I couldn't find any of the animal magnets I'd been using. I was stumped until I remembered that I'd bought a box of wooden alphabet magnets a while back and was holding on to them until a good time. I figured this was the perfect time. I found them, dumped them out and spread the upper case letters out so she could see what all she had. Aside from helping with some of the coloring (every time she colors I have to color too) and holding the papers so she could put the magnets on, I had nothing to do with this:

I did have to move some up to the freezer because we were running out of room. You can't see it, but under each letter is the printed out letter for each page. She lined up the magnets like a puzzle for every one. I didn't help her find the letters. I didn't tell her what to look for. I didn't even tell her to use the matching letter to hang the pictures up. She was all over this today. We spent an hour working on this project and she was stoked about it the whole time. Yes, I think it's time to do more structured school activities with her...

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Allison said...

Brilliant. The kid AND you! =) This is so awesome. I LOVE to see a child grasp something and learn new things. It's awesome!