Monday, November 9, 2009



Wash as much laundry as humanly possible - check
Wash every dish in the house so bugs don't move in while I'm gone - check
Make arrangements for the pup for tomorrow morning - check
Pack clothes, toiletries, more clothes, extra socks, and a book - check
Clear all camera storage devices and charge all batteries - check
Give up on ever getting a plan from my parents - check
Pack 138 battery chargers and assorted electronic device cables - check
Wash yet another load of laundry - check
Check all social networking sites for the 300th time today in attempt to procrastinate - check
Pack several thousand dollars worth of electronics to utilize chargers and cables - check
Wonder why I can't leave home without every piece of electronic equipment we own - check
Pack a bag for Tot - check
Wish Lauren and Nicole a happy birthday - check
Feel guilt for abandoning my poor pup for a week - check
Feel more guilt for what the pup doesn't realize is about to happen - check
Wish this was done so I wouldn't have to think about it anymore - check

Alright guys, finishing up preparations and heading to the hospital in a little while. Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll be posting pics of a freshly cooked Tot. In the meantime, depending on how bored I get and how miserable I am, I hope to post updates here and on FB. And pictures when we have something to take pictures of. Anybody that wants to come by the house and entertain the pup this week, feel free.