Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Notice of Eviction

Dear Ms. Tater Tot:

You are hereby served official notice of eviction. You have until Monday, November 9, 2009, at 7pm to vacate your current residence or else preparations will begin to evict you.


I really can't believe that I made it two days past my due date and I've progressed to nowhere. Dr. T actually said she'd call it dilated to 1/2 cm, a very generous 1/2 cm. Of course, that was after I told her to lie to me and she kinda said it with her eyes rolled. Sigh.

Unless Tot suddenly gets super motivated we'll go into the hospital Monday night. They'll start a procedure to try to force dilation overnight, then start the induction at the crack of dawn Tuesday morning. Hopefully we'll have a Tot by that afternoon. At this point it's all kinda surreal. I'm not looking forward to having to go in the night before. It's going to be a loooong night of contractions, waiting for the real party to start the next morning. And I can't eat after I check in at 7pm. Telling a pregnant woman she can't eat for hours and hours on end is not nice. Anybody walks into my hospital room during that time with food will be beaten and tossed out the window.

In totally unrelated news, my dad is having surgery on his broken foot Wednesday morning. I can't remember whether or not I mentioned that he ran over it with his back hoe last week. Of the 18 or so fractures he has two bones that need to be "fixed" through surgery. He's not happy about it, but finally agreed to have it done after Mom promised she'd still come stay with us for a few days after the baby comes. He'll be out of commission for 3 months. We're not sure how he's going to work, as he runs a machine shop by himself. This time last year he was talking about closing the shop because business was so bad. Last week he had to turn down a couple thousand bucks worth of work because he can't put any weight on his foot. I dunno what's going to happen, but I'm just going to keep praying about it. It'll work out. I don't know how but I feel certain he'll come up with something. He's already figured out how to get his coffee from the kitchen to the living room while on crutches, so I think he'll figure out how to work. Dad's just like that. He'll figure something out.


GrammarGirl said...

Praying for you and for your family. I really, really, really hope that you go into labor on your own and are able to have your sweet baby without induction. But, the goal is a healthy baby, so whatever it takes! Today is my "baby's" birthday--she's seven. Sigh.
I hope things work out for your Dad. Prayers for him.

Allison said...

Just walk walk and walk some more. It worked for me but you do seem to have quite a stubborn kiddo there. =)

Praying that all goes well with your dad and yes, he will figure something out. Good Dads are like that. =)