Sunday, November 8, 2009

I Knew It.

Last week when the weather guy first mentioned that there was a random named storm in the southern Carribbean I immediately told Greg that I just knew Tot would be born during a hurricane. He totally made fun of me. It was way too far south and would be making landfall in Central America, there's no way it would get into the Gulf and make landfall, at least not before I was induced Tuesday morning.

Uh huh.

Would somebody please go check the weather forecast and tell me where all the rain is coming from Monday night and Tuesday? What? From some random late storm named Ida?

The lesson here, don't argue with a pregnant woman past her due date.

And by the way, Tot turns 41 today. I'm quite sad that she didn't arrive on her Uncle Bill's birthday yesterday. That would have rocked big time. But Tuesday is fine as well, although I'm afraid she may end up getting a restraining order against us to stop the eviction.

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