Saturday, November 7, 2009

Enough is Enough

I've heard about crazy pregnancy dreams.

Some people have fun dreams. Not me.

Some people dream about their baby. Not me.

No, I have spent my entire pregnancy having crazy disturbing nightmares. You know the ones where you sit straight up in bed at 3am desperately wanting to call Grandma just to make sure it was a dream? Nine months of that.

This morning was the last straw. My psyche must have run out of variations for killing members of my family or my husband leaving me. I'd gotten a little used to those anyway, they weren't freaking me out as much as they used to. So it dug deep to come up with a large, creepy, very fast snake (which has been a regular feature of my nightmares since childhood) and my pup. It culminated in a frantic attempt to get to the vet which, as you can imagine, didn't end well.

I should apologize to my hubby at this point for stumbling into the living room a crying blubbery mess, looking for my pup who of course was playing outside at that moment.

I've decided to give up sleeping altogether. I won't be sleeping after the baby arrives anyway, what's a few extra days?

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