Thursday, December 24, 2009


I read something on one of your blogs the other day that got me to thinking. (Yes, I still read all of your blogs, I'm just generally too rushed or tired to comment!) As Kaycie gets older, how can I reconcile the insanity of the holiday season with the celebration of Jesus? I mean, if it's His birthday, why do the rest of us get gifts? I've been thinking about that a lot over the past couple of days.

In truth, Jesus was all about giving. He didn't want gifts, He wanted to give to others, whether it was giving sight to the blind, spiritual gifts to followers, or blessings to those of us who certainly don't deserve it. It makes perfect sense that we celebrate Jesus by giving, both gifts and service. With that in mind, Santa must love Jesus, as he gives to people all over the world!

For years I've heard people say that based on evidence in the Bible Jesus was more likely born during the summer and that our traditional Christmas holiday is just a random day assigned for convenience. The truth is we can't pinpoint any exact day that would be Jesus' birthday, so perhaps we should continue to celebrate the spirit of giving all year. And THAT is what I'd like to teach Kaycie. That and how to feed herself. And not eat her bib.

I stood in my kitchen making Christmas Eve pancakes this morning and listening to my husband play with our sweet baby girl and tell her how cute she is, knowing that I will wake up tomorrow morning thankful that I've been given everything I could have asked for. Merry Christmas!

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GrammarGirl said...

I think when you are reared in a household that honors Jesus and tries to exemplify His spirit of giving, the children make the transition from "me" to "others" really well. My oldest is 9.5. This year for Christmas she gave me a gift that she made, along with the sweetest letter I have ever read listing all the reasons she loved me. She gave a similar gift to her father, and she and her cousins gave a gift to their grandmother. She was very excited to wrap the gifts and have a secret. It made me very happy that she seems to "get" that Christmas is more about the giving than the getting and Santa is very real in the sense that he embodies giving to others, even though she knows the truth. Children learn by example. Kaycie will be fine as she matures because you and Greg will set a fine example for her to follow. No worries!