Sunday, December 27, 2009


You may recall that back in July Greg and I made the pilgrimage to South Carolina to visit my BFF Lauren and her family. We came home with a van load of baby gear, clothes, and toys that had previously belonged to Lauren's two boys. I spent the rest of the summer sorting out the toys into things she can play with in the first year and things she can't really play with until later. I have the first year toys strategically placed in the nursery.

At the end of Lauren's visit her family came to pick her up on their way to Hattiesburg/New Orleans for the holiday.. The boys, Edwin and Ian, were very excited to meet Baby Kaycie.

They wanted to see her room, so I took them back to the nursery. As they looked around both boys started pointing out toys and saying, "We have one of those at home!" And my personal favorite, Ian informed me that, "We have a toy like that, but it's a little bit different..."

Umm... No, it's pretty much exactly the same. I'd even say they were bought at the exact same time.

I ushered them out of there pretty quickly at that point. We told Lauren it was a good thing they were going to be traveling and having Christmas before going home because there was a very good chance they'd never remember the incident, otherwise they'd be in BIG trouble when the boys went looking for their toys that were just like the ones Kaycie has!