Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Day Is It?

I'm ready for a little routine and normalcy in my world. Not gonna happen any time soon, but I'm so off right now that I don't know what day it is. Literally. I figured out it was Sunday when Greg turned on an NFL game.

BFF Lauren was here for a few days last week and we had a great time. I'm pretty sure she didn't want to leave yesterday. She and Kaycie hit it off quite well. And based on how much Casper is pouting today, I think he misses her too. I sure do. I used to spend several weeks each year at their house in South Carolina and I miss hanging out with her.

Meanwhile, my child is huge. She's up to 11lbs. Her newborn clothes are piling up in the stack of things she can't wear anymore. We were in Vicksburg on Thursday and went by the outlet mall to buy her a few more long sleeve 3 month clothes, because that's what she's wearing at nearly six weeks! And because Lauren has never had the opportunity to buy baby girl clothes. Kaycie smiling and laughing at us quite a bit now, and she loves watching people. Especially her daddy. I should have a lot of new pics to post after this week. Her Aunt Misty is in town from Texas for the week and we're planning to spend Monday visiting with her and several other members of Greg's family that haven't met Kaycie yet. Then we will end up with some type of Christmas plan with our families, although I have no idea what that's going to be yet.

Greg goes back to work the first week in January. I'm dreading that. It's been incredibly nice having him home!


i'm black betty said...

girl, i was thinking this morning it was really sunday and people were playing a horrible joke on me!

still praying you get a routine. we are developing a new one since lil farto is almost walking now and into EVERYTHING!!!! AGH!!!

merry christmas!!! :)

Susan said...

Hey girl, I sent you an email. How does Wednesday sound for clothes delivery and lunch? That's the only day I'm free this week!