Monday, July 13, 2009

So Very Awesome

We made it home. We had a great visit with BFF Lauren and Ed and the boys. Tater Tot was quite happy to be there. She couldn't be still the entire time! I also learned that she really likes Lauren's fried jalapenos. Tasty.

I thought this would be a good time to take a minute and point out how awesome it is to have people around you who share. At six months pregnant the total maternity wear purchases I've made has been two pair of shorts. Yet my maternity wardrobe is larger than my pre-maternity wardrobe. And considerably more stylish... =)

Upon leaving Lauren's house this was the view when I turned in my seat in the van:

We were afraid to open the back of the van until we got home. This was after we removed our suitcase and overnight bag:

The van was packed with Tot's baby gear. Granted, there are a few items that found there way into the van with an evil laugh - items Ed called "revenge toys." You know, the really noisy ones, many of which I originally purchased. And of course the giant ball pit I bought Edwin for Christmas a few years ago managed to end up in the van. Ok, so I enjoyed playing in the ball pit as much as Edwin did, so that's really not a bad thing. =) I'm not even going to think about unloading the van until tomorrow.


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Good golly molly! You RACKED UP!

How many weeks are you now?