Friday, July 31, 2009


It's Friday. I had a few scattered thoughts I wanted to share from the past 24 hours:

Last night I had one of my classic crazy dreams, only in this one I went to lunch with Greg only to realize I had my OB appointment that afternoon and forgot to bring my glucose drink, thus causing panic. Yes, this is what I dream about these days.

My psycho pup woke me up from a coma at 1am. And again at 4. And whined continuously at our bedroom door until I nearly killed him at 6:30. So how do I punish him for being so obnoxious? I'm packing him up and taking him with us to my parents' house this weekend so he isn't left alone outside in the storms tomorrow. No, I'm not a sucker.

I still haven't resolved the broken part issue with our crib. I emailed the company on Monday and never heard back. I called the number on the assembly instruction sheet yesterday and it's no longer in service. I looked on their website and there is no phone listed, only the email address, mailing address, and fax. Today I decided to just order it using their online form under "miscellaneous parts" which then asks you specify in the comment section. Figure that will be harder to ignore. Then I accidentally used my medical flex plan card number as payment instead of my debit card. Because I'm an idiot and shouldn't be allowed near anything that involves money. I'm about one step away from buying a tube of super glue and just fixing the stupid part myself.

I've changed my mind 19 times about what other furniture I want in the nursery. I think my husband is about to beat me. This is why I don't actually buy the expensive stuff until the last minute. I know better.


From the Doghouse said...

I'm about one step away from buying a tube of super glue and just fixing the stupid part myself.

I think that's all part of their plan.

i'm black betty said...

thank you soooo much for the bag of clothes. :)

Susan said...

Very welcome, hope you guys get some use from them!