Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Piles of Stuff

The aftermath of a week of feeling like slug slime is piles of stuff. Piles of dirty dishes, piles of dirty laundry, piles of fast food bags, piles of posts in my Bloglines...

You know I'm feeling blech when I cancel two lunch plans in one week. Sorry guys.

I've been feeling mostly human again since Saturday, so Sunday I started attacking the laundry and dishes and such. I hung out with BFF Addyson all day yesterday, but managed to finish up some baby registry chores at Dogwood. Today I need to get some cleaning done that I'd intended to work on last week. And go to Walmart before the rain starts again. And put together a bookshelf. And eat something, since I go back to the doc next week and right now I'm on track to get in trouble again. Meanwhile, we managed to almost get our crib put together on Sunday. We were installing the last rail when we broke off a rather important piece of plastic that holds up the drop-side rail. I'm waiting on the company to get back to me on whether or not they can send me a replacement part. If we ever get that, I can post pics of how the nursery is coming along. Meanwhile, remind me to post later about why I ADORE shopping at Big Lots.

In other family news, I got word Saturday night that my mom won her first bracket racing round in my old Taurus. In truth, she won by default because her "broke out" (which means he ran a faster time than he'd predicted he would, bracket racing is a little more complex than heads-up). Greg thinks her opponent was intimidated by her feistiness. I think he was scared of her fine ride. Either way, she was quite proud, and I'm proud of her too. Seriously, my mom drives a race car...

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