Thursday, January 7, 2010

Ah, The Memories (Just for Tank)

My blog friend Tank's daughter is getting married this summer, and they've suddenly become eyeball deep in wedding planning.

I just love weddings. Especially when I don't have to plan them.

I imagine you all know that talk of a wedding brings out nostalgia of our own big days. I mentioned to Tank about a few of the finer points of my wedding and she said something about wanting to see pictures, so I dug some up. I think most of you know where this is going. If you were at my wedding, you're probably rolling your eyes right now.

At the moment I can't locate the pictures of the reception flamingo decked out in the pink feather boa, but here's the one that was stationed outside the front door of the church:

And of course then there's Ebay (the gnome, not the auction). He made an appearance in a LOT of wedding pictures.

Ebay has so many pictures, he has his own photo album on Flickr. And yes, some of those are from the honeymoon. Now if I could just hunt down the rest of the reception pictures with the Mikey Mouse table and the flamingos...


tank said...

Ha! I LOVE Ebay! Love your dress too. That is much more my style. My daughter went a bit more formal with hers but it really does suit her. Now off to flickr.

Susan said...

That was one of the last dresses they had pulled for me to try on that day. It's not one I would have pulled off the rack, and wasn't anything like the others I tried on really. But when I put it on it was perfect. I had two other friends who got married within a few months of me and we all ended up with very different, yet exactly right, dresses.