Sunday, January 17, 2010

Whooooo Are You?

I keep getting friend requests on Facebook from people I went to high school with, which is cool. If I see your name and think, "Dang, I have seen that person since graduation!" then there's a good chance I'll accept you as a friend. If the only way I realize we went to school together is that I dug through your friend list and all 18 of our shared friends are WCHS class of 1993, Go Vikings!, then I'm going to think, "Huh, they must have gone to school with me" and then hit ignore.

But I tend to feel bad about that because chances are I probably did know them at some point, I just don't remember. Or they're on FB with their married name only. So I decided I needed a reference guide and started hunting down my senior yearbook. Except I can't find it. I know it's not at my house, I've moved way too many times without ever seeing it. I searched my mom's house over the weekend, but it's not there. Not a surprise, I didn't figure it ever moved with them.

My next and final option is to beg my brother to look at his house, which is the house I grew up in. However, since he cleaned out my room several years ago I feel like it probably isn't there either. This is the problem with having my possessions strewn out over three counties. But it kinda makes me sad. I don't have any of my high school or elementary school yearbooks, and all of the sudden I wish I did.


tank said...

We only had 27 in our graduating class so I remember all of them. Over half of the class is on fb now. It has been good catching up w/old friends. Hope you have success. :)

CluckyRN said...

Having my yearbooks from EC has been priceless since going to work for my current employer. I think I went to college with at least half my coworkers!

I'll be looking for that book-Gods in Alabama. Sounds good.