Sunday, January 31, 2010

How is Kaycie?

I've been such a slacker lately that I haven't even posted any updates about my adorable child. Sorry. I've been too busy trying to keep her fed an entertained! Anyway, she'll be 12 weeks on Tuesday. I can't keep up with weeks anymore, so I'm going to have to start counting months instead. Greg put her on the scale this morning and she topped out just over 13lbs.

We've settled into a great routine. She wakes up around 9-9:30am most mornings, eats, plays, and goes down for naps around 10:30-11. She sleeps for 30-45 minutes, wakes up, eats, plays, and after a couple of hours goes down for second naps. Wash, rinse, repeat until 9pm, when she get snuggied and goes to bed. And sleeps until about 9 the next morning. No, I'm not kidding. She sleeps about 12 hours every night. I know. I thank God every day for an easy kid.

My easy kid is getting quite independent, though. The past several mornings she's woken up very happy, which isn't unusual. I hear her talking and laughing with the animals on her mobile and go in to get her, but now she seems to get mad at me for interrupting her conversation. She's fine until I take her out of her crib to feed her, then she pouts! And she won't cuddle much anymore. She'd rather sit up or stand up in my lap. And she talks a LOT. She will jabber away at anybody who will listen. Half the time I give her a bottle she will eat about half of it then start pushing it aside to make room for her thumb in her mouth. Unfortunately it's not quite big enough to accomplish much, and she ends up eating her entire hand. And while I made the schedule sound easy, I promise you when she doesn't want a nap, no matter how tired she is, we always have a showdown. Usually I win, but it may take an hour to get there!

She's also started playing with some of her toys, which is good. Like Leo the Lion, which was courtesy of Uncle Bill. Poor Leo gets the brunt of her abuse most days, but she also enjoys kicking the daylights out of the elephant on her play mat. I'm also happy to report that she likes her room quite a bit. She likes to stare at the bright flowers on her wall, which makes me happy for choosing bright colors!

And that's the State of Kaycie these days. Hopefully I'll have some new pictures to post this afternoon, as we are about to head to BFF Addyson's birthday party! How can little Princess Fussypants be a year old already???

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Nicole Bradshaw said...

She is precious! That's such a fun age!!