Thursday, December 11, 2008


There's a lot I could gripe about today, most of them including the our bizarre fluctuations in climate. Instead, I'm having a moment of appreciation.

My 7am faculty meeting that was scheduled for today was moved to noon. I did not have to drive myself to work through the flooded streets at 6am. Appreciation.

Along those same lines, I didn't even have to walk a half mile across the flooded streets in the sleet/rain to get to the office, since my dear, awesome husband dropped me off at the front of the building under the canopy. Appreciation. I wasn't even outside long enough to get cold. (Unlike my sweet husband, who sacrificed himself on my behalf and is now trying to defrost himself while drying his shoes and socks in his office.)

I would rather be at home today, torturing my pup by periodically tossing him out into 5 inches of snow. But in the spirit of taking what I can get, I'll just be happy to be warm and dry in a building where everyone else is cold and soaked.


From the Doghouse said...

If only this stuff could have come earlier, so we could have all called in!

i'm black betty said...

amen!!! kudos to hubby!

Supermom said...

I need to be focusing on the appreciation part more these days.

I'm a grump. :()

The Topiary Cow said...

Cow wonders sometimes when the Univ is griping about how hard it is to retain staff, if they ever think of building just one large underground garage, within walking distance, with a covered walkway.

Cow is still stunned that some people are now having to park at the Farmer's Market, presumably those coming to work anytime after 8:30.

Maybe the U is just doing it's bit to keep obesity down by forcing employees to exercise (walk miles from the car?)


Susan said...

Hubby calls it the MEEP - Mandatory Employee Exercise Program. I tell people they do it to keep our health insurance costs down. Eh. At least we have parking. When I worked downtown a lot of people had to walk that far and pay for the privilege!

mayberry said...

It's the little things.