Thursday, December 18, 2008


From a conversation with my husband this morning regarding his desire for fried chicken, which, by the way, he never asks for:

Me: "Do I need to make you fried chicken? I have some chicken in the freezer."
Greg: "No, you'd burn the house down."
Me: "I would not! I've fried chicken before."
Greg: "No, that's ok."
Me: "I fried chicken a lot before I left home. I never caught anything on fire."
Greg: "I'd just rather you not do it in our house."
Me: "I fried wontons for you the other night! We didn't need the fire extinguisher."
Greg: "But that was in a little small pot. We could have put that fire out. I don't think you need a big vat of hot oil at the house."

Me: long stare
Greg: "You can make friend chicken if you want to."
Me: long stare
Greg: "I'm never eating fried chicken again, am I?"
Me: long stare
Greg: "Or wontons..."


From the Doghouse said...

So, Popeye's or KFC?

mayberry said...

You can make ME some fried chicken!

clstigger said...

Mayberry you might want to rethink that. I lived with her for 7 years before we both got married. She is known for burning things when cooking. Greg is just looking out for their house! Love you dear!

Susan said...

Oh please. Just because I have been known, on occassion, to leave the oven on for a couple of days. And one of the stove burners. That doesn't mean I'm likely to... Well...

(insert long stare here)

Nicole Bradshaw said...

Julep makes GREAT fried chicken. He should just take you out to dinner! Problem solved!

The Topiary Cow said...

KFC. Drive through. And done.


Supermom said...

oh my kindred sister.

I am also "known" for such ummm... special talents.

and my husband teases me constantly about whatever my current kitchen disaster might be.