Monday, December 8, 2008


I'm pretty much ready to go into hibernation for the winter. I need to get over my bah-humbuggedness, but that's easier said than done.

My friend and her husband went trudging through the forrest looking for the pup on Saturday, but with no luck. K said she came out scratched up, soaking wet, and covered in redbugs, but without any sign of the pup. The nice people at the hotel had seen her Friday morning, but still no luck in catching her. Sigh.

In less important, yet still irritating, news, I've gone three rounds (literally) with the Clarion Ledger this morning and want to bang my head against the wall. Seriously, I suscribed to the Sunday-only paper a little over a week ago. I got the first one last week, but nothing this week. They're batting .500. I called yesterday to report it and get it redelivered. No luck. Went out about 8pm last night to find one, no luck. Called back this morning and was told they'd credit my account and redeliver on Tuesday. Because I just love 3 day old news. I've gotten two more call backs since then, one telling me they left it at my door. I'd have tripped over it if it was at my door. I wonder which one of my neighbors got my two papers yesterday. And all my coupons. Really, that's the irritating part. To their credit, the guy that called me back was super nice and said they'd deliver it today, but now I'm wondering if they even have the right house. Sigh.

To top it off, I had a not very nice email from a resident this morning letting me know that my fellows haven't been showing up to give their morning lectures, thus wasting the residents' time and not providing them the educational information they require while on our rotation. One in a string of problems I've had with them slacking the administrative duties lately. Wish I had some authority to smack them around, but I don't. And nobody else seems to care. Sigh.

I'm so done with this week.


From the Doghouse said...

Smack 'em around anyway. With a C-L Sunday paper.

mayberry said...

I hate it when other people are slacking and WE get yelled at!

Susan said...

Perhaps if I HAD a Sunday paper that would be effective! I want my coupons!

Sandi said...

Try subscribing to the weekend editions. That's Friday-Sunday. We've not had a problem with deliveries since we signed up.

2 cents

Sandi said...

And it's not too much more expensive.

Susan said...

Um, they can't find my house to deliver one day a week, I'm afraid asking them to bring it three days would make it worse!

Actually, we used to subscribe to the weekend paper many years ago, but found that we never had time to read the Friday and Saturday. I was very happy to see they offer a Sunday only package now.

And for the record, the guy I've talked to three times now in customer service is really nice. He told me he'd personally deliver my paper this Sunday if it doesn't arrive on time. I finally gave up on last week's, so if anybody saw any good coupons they don't need, feel free to send them my way! Ha!