Monday, January 16, 2012

The Good, The Bad, and The Awesome


It's so nice to have Luke off the warmer table and into a crib. We can just grab him and pick him up and snuggle without a production of carefully detaching and reattaching tubes and wires and having to be careful not to pull anything out... I could have held him all day. Greg got to hold him for the first time (they took him so fast after delivery that I was the only one who got him, and only for a very few minutes) and my mom got to hold him. AND I got to change two diapers and feed him his dinner! A good day, indeed.

The bad - he had five episodes last night where his breathing got low enough to require significant oxygen intervention. The doc is concerned that he's still struggling at this point. He should be recovering on his own, and he does for the most part all day. He only appears to be slipping while he sleeps at night. We left a message for Dr. Miller to call us sometime tomorrow, since we'll never catch him doing rounds, to get an idea of where we are and what our expectations should be. People keep asking when he'll get to come home - no idea. We'd originally hoped for tomorrow, then Wednesday, then the weekend... We just don't have a clue at this point. He's doing awesome in all aspects except the nighttime apnea. I told him today that if he'd start breathing right and come home I'd give him a honeybun. I don't think he was buying it.

For a random Kaycie story today... two hours after I put her to bed she was still in her room jabbering about something. I went in and asked her what she was doing:

Me: What are you doing, baby?
Kaycie: Reading books.
Me: What?? (Walking to her bed)
Kaycie: Kaycie reading Green Eggs and Ham.

Sure enough. She was sitting up in the bed in the dark reading Green Eggs and Ham. Alrighty.

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