Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Letter to Kaycie on the Eve of Big Sisterhood

Dear Kaycie,

Tomorrow's a big day, but you don't realize that yet. Tomorrow you'll be the big sister of a little baby brother named Luke. You're not going to know what to make of this little guy (much like we didn't know what to make of you when you were first born!) but eventually you'll come to find him loud annoying frustrating fascinating. In a year or two he'll be big enough to play with you and talk to you and you'll have all kinds of fun together. In the meantime, yes, he will cry a lot. And as he grows and learns he will take your toys and stick them in his mouth or throw them. You'll get mad at him, but there comes a time in every little girls' life when she has to learn to share. This is your time.

It's my hope that you'll be friends and playmates and defenders of each other. It's my hope that you'll learn to help each other and find joy in each others company. As a little sister to a big brother, I know better than to think you'll always like each other, but I know you'll always love each other. You'll learn to have each others backs when things get tough. Because you're family, and that's what family does. You'll learn what "unconditional love" really means as you support each other through bad decisions and stupid mistakes. And you'll fight, and scream and look forward to time apart. You'll be jealous of each other and scream unfair when you think you're being treated differently. But in the end, you'll always know that no matter what, you have somebody else in your corner. 

We're going to have a rough few weeks ahead, Baby Girl. Bear with us as we learn to be a family of four. Thankfully you'll have grandparents here to help out. Mom will be out of commission for a while, unable to play and give you the attention you need, but Dad will be here for a few weeks to help pick up the slack. You'll have to learn how to be nice to baby Luke, which won't be easy for you right now. But trust me, some day soon you'll love him and think he's the greatest new toy ever.

No matter what happens over the next few months, know that we love you just as much as ever. Having a baby brother doesn't mean that you have to share our love, just that we'll have more of it to go around.

I love you sweet girl. And I love the girl you're learning to be.


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Allison said...

Now I'm about to cry.