Sunday, January 1, 2012


So I mentioned in yesterday's post (and on FB) that I'd been getting "the look" and comments from people who fear that I will go into labor in their presence. We call this the "Brian Effect," since when I was pregnant with K I was forbidden to continue our Wednesday Lunch tradition at about 7 months because our friend Brian was afraid I'd go into labor. Specifically, he was afraid my water would break and it would get on his shoes. I'm not making that up. Anyway, hold on to that thought for a couple of paragraphs while I explain why it's relevant...

The plan for this weekend was that my brother and future SIL was going to pick up K on Friday, take her to my parents for the weekend, and drop her off on the way home today. Last night Greg made the suggestion that instead that K stay at my parents and we'd go get her later in the day or early Monday morning. Since my mom has to work on Monday I thought going tonight was the better plan. We can spend the night and come back in the morning, making the drive a little easier on me. I swore at Thanksgiving that I wasn't going to travel any more until after MicroTot arrived, and I haven't, but the lure of a few more leisurely hours to finish up a couple of things, eat a nice meal, and do a little more last minute errands in the Dogwood area (on the way to my parents' house) seems worth the couple of hours of discomfort during the drive. Plus hopefully she'll still be preoccupied with her grandparents tonight and I'll have one more night of not having to sit in the floor (ouch) playing whatever or being used as a jungle gym. Seems like a worthy trade to me.

My mom called a few minutes ago to make sure I still felt up to it. My brother and Brooke hadn't left yet, they could still drop her off, and apparently my dad was concerned about me coming.

Yes, my dad gave me "the look." He's afraid I'll go into labor at his house. Or that we'll break down on the side of the road. Sigh. Apparently I'm the only one not concerned about really going into labor. Yes, I've been having some random contractions most evenings, but not consistently or often. Yes, they are getting stronger, I woke up from one last night for the first time. But even if I did start having regular contractions, I'm pretty sure I could make the hour and half drive to the hospital. If my water breaks, I'd have even more time since they'd probably have to induce contractions at that point. The hospital in Philly, where my parents live, doesn't even have OB, everybody who lives there and has a kid has to drive somewhere else to do it, usually Meridian or Jackson. It'll be ok. I can't believe my dad is worried about me going into labor at his house!

That said, you all know that I hate packing. My mom has been on me for a week or more about packing a hospital bag. Ummm... I currently have two pair of pants I can still wear with some small level of comfort. I only have a handful of long sleeve shirts. If I pack myself clothes, I'll be pantless a few days a week between now and then. Of course, that's assuming I'll be wearing the same pants when I leave the hospital. I probably won't. But what will I be wearing? Who knows. Last time I couldn't wear my pre-pregnancy pants; not because I had extra weight but because I had different proportions. Despite leaving the hospital weighing 10lbs less than I did when I got pregnant with Kaycie, I had more width in the hips and thighs. I have no idea what to expect this time. I've been outgrowing my  maternity pants despite only gaining 11lbs total. I'm considerably larger than I ever got with Kaycie. Like, seriously larger in diameter. I have no smaller clothes that are stretchy or particularly flexible. I've been wearing Greg's elastic waist athletic shorts around the house and will likely be wearing those in the hospital, but that leads to my next question...

Something I had to deal with before that I didn't anticipate having to think about this time is the weather. Having Kaycie in November meant I wasn't surprised to go into the hospital on a nice late summer day and come out to a brisk, chilly early winter environment. That's normal over 48 hours in November. But January? This one should be easy. It's cold, right? Except I was in shorts yesterday and still debating the pants/shorts decision today.  Anybody want to tell me what the weather will be like in a week and half? I did pack some baby things last night, but ended up with like 9 outfits because I don't know what to expect!  Greg would be easy to pack for, but he'll be coming home to shower and check on Kaycie anyway, so he probably won't need extra clothes.

My current plan? Pack for the trip to my parents tonight and deal with the rest next weekend. Enjoy my last few hours of leisure time. Go get my baby girl, who I have missed. I haven't been told, "Shhh, Mama! Don't do that! Be nice to Kaycie!" while being shown the hand in two days. She sure is a sassy little thing. Wednesday I'll take her back to school and  head back the doc. Friday I'll take her back to school and hit up the semi-annual sale at my favorite local consignment shop. Then over the weekend I'll schedule some time to freak out over going to the hospital Wednesday morning and coming home two days later with a new little potamus. Whooooboy.

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Allison said...

You should have put "stretchy clothes" on your wish list for the "anti-shower".

Hey look, if you get in a bind, just text me. I'll run to Walmart and get you some ginormous sweats or something to wear home. =)

Happy New Year!!!