Saturday, December 31, 2011

Mash Up - Year End Edition

None of this has to do with the end of the year, it just happens to be New Year's Eve.

I told Greg earlier tonight that if I went into labor tonight I wasn't going to the hospital until the Christmas tree was down. Boom. Tree is nicely tucked away and ornaments are packed up. Not like it matters, but just in case I guess!

That came on the heels of all the people giving me crazy terrified looks and making comments about me going into labor while we were out in town today. I know our waiter from lunch was glad to see us go, because he was a little freaked out when he asked how much longer I had and I told him a week and a half. I really think he was afraid I'd go into labor in his section and have the baby in five minutes or something.

I can't believe I'm going to tell this next story.

Kaycie is spending the weekend at her grandparents' house so Greg and I could have a nice quiet weekend off before MicroTot arrives and everything crashes for a while. Being two young, energetic, fun loving people with no toddler to tie us down, how did we spend our Friday night of freedom? We went to bed before 8pm and watched some movies. First up was Cowboys & Aliens, which we turned off an hour in. We were both expecting something more Independence Day than Alien, and I don't do well with the jump out and grab you thriller kind of stuff. So instead we turned on Warrior, which is a very long, somewhat depressing, but quite good movie about estranged brothers who face each other in a big MMA fight. After that it was getting late and Greg said something about turning on the Smurfs movie because he was pretty sure it would be bad and we wouldn't care if we fell asleep during it.

At this point I'm not paying a lot of attention to what he was doing. He turns on a movie, which opens with a guy selling pot to a police officer and some foul language. I looked up and say, "Did they just say "sh*t" in the Smurfs????" Greg nearly died laughing. It wasn't the Smurfs, it was My Idiot Brother (which is most definitely not PG). For the rest of the movie there were assorted comments such as "Did they just show a naked woman in the Smurfs???" It even carried over into today. This wouldn't have been nearly as funny except I didn't even blink at the fact the guy was selling marijuana to a cop, just at the language!

Greg is not allowed to pick out the movies tonight. I can't decide between Rise of the Planet of the Apes, Thor, or Water for Elephants. How much should I make him suffer?

I miss my baby girl, but it's nice to have some down time where I'm not being told "Sit DOWN, Mama," "Play trains!" or "Cook with Kaycie!" It was nice to have a meal at a restaurant that doesn't have a mascot then do some browsing type shopping at more than one store. Kaycie, meanwhile, hasn't missed us at all. She's playing with her BFF Robin at my parents' house and getting spoiled rotten. Instead of my future sister-in-law bringing her home tomorrow I called Mom earlier and told her to just keep a while longer and we'd come get her. We should be able to work in another late-sleeping morning, another meal at a restaurant, and a little more shopping at Dogwood before we head up there tomorrow night. Here's hoping the labor thing doesn't start during the brief time I'm two hours from my hospital! That would be a very uncomfortable drive back.

Happy New Year, peeps. I need to ring out 2011 by organizing a few more things in the nursery and cleaning out some boxes stored in the bedroom. Because we're wild and crazy party goers without our kid this weekend. Greg did mention we could probably go to Walmart at 11:30 and not have to fight a crowd...

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Allison said...

LOL!! Wow. Y'all area some wild 'n' crazy kids alright! =)

I hope you got to watch Thor - I thought it was pretty good. He's certainly eye candy if nothing else.