Friday, December 16, 2011

Nursery Revisted (and a Blog Exclusive)

Lest you think MicroTot is being totally neglected, based on this post of his nursery, I wanted to assure you that I've made some progress and he's getting his own home makeover. Instead of the bright flowers and colors of my shower curtain art for Kaycie's nursery, MT is going to get to live in a jungle. Which I find nothing short of appropriate. I haven't finished everything and I'm not sure what else to do with some areas, but here's part of what I've got done:

Decals around the crib and the lion mirror attached. I haven't moved the mattress up yet, but it has monkey sheets on it instead of being full of Christmas gifts and junk! :)

MT's new chest of drawers (which is FULL) and his Mickey Mouse car seat, which obviously won't be staying in the nursery! There's also a closet full of his new clothes instead of stuff Kaycie has outgrown. Ignore everything else in the closet, I'm still working on some storage issues for the stuff in the floor and the shelf.

Didn't find any shower curtain art this time, but my mom bought me some canvas prints for the wall! I've also got to find a lamp for his shelves, but I'll get to that eventually. Would love something else to go on the wall (above the line of decals) on both this short wall and above the crib, but I don't know what that'll be.

And because while going back to get the links for the top of this post I realized that I did a blog exclusive at 35 weeks with Kaycie, I figured it was time to go ahead and do one for MicroTot. I may post some of the other nursery pics to FB, but this one won't be revealed until after he arrives. We've already told quite a few people who've asked, I just haven't offered it up to the general public yet!


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Allison said...

I LOVE it. The nursery and the name. Luke is one of my favorite names and, after my recent New Testament course, now one of my favorite Gospels.

I'm so excited for you! I can't wait to meet him.