Monday, December 12, 2011

Mash Up - Mocha Monday Edition

I really need today to be mocha Monday. I keep falling asleep on my feet. Damn you, sugar restricted diet.

Last Thursday when I talked to my mom and told her what we still needed for the baby I told her I had 3 0-3 month footie pajamas. Last night after I finished going through all the hand me downs and stuff I pulled out of storage from Lauren, I have 14 footie pajamas in 0-3 months. I went from no blankets to 7 fuzzy blankets and 8 receiving blankets. I went from no bibs to half a dresser drawer full of bibs. My current list of things I need has gotten very, very short.

My kid is walking circles around the kitchen singing Twinkle Twinkle. It's hysterical. I need to get that on video because she sings way better than I do. And her rendition of Jingle Bells is awesome. And the ABC song. And Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" is pretty entertaining.

Speaking of my kid, I'm a little embarrassed to admit that her favorite food at the moment is ramen noodles. I don't know how that happened. She'd never had any until a couple of weeks ago and now she loves it. She ate next to nothing all weekend so I made us both a pack of ramen to share this morning and she ate most of it. I dunno.

My mom is at her oncologist as we speak getting her last PET scan read and (fingers crossed) being told she doesn't have to come back every six months anymore. After 5 years, that's some serious good news to get. And then we're going shopping to whittle a few more items off that list I mentioned earlier. She's been very anxious to go shopping for the little guy!

My sweet husband, who was so supportive of my sugar restricted diet when I was preggers with Kaycie, looked at me yesterday and said, "It wouldn't kill us to have some chocolate in the house..." HA! So I bought him some chocolate and the last ingredient I needed to make him some fudge. And I splurged and bought myself some almonds to roast and some Chex to make party mix. Figure if I have some reasonable seasonal snacks I won't be quite so tempted by the chocolate!

Speaking of my husband, we had this conversation over text this morning:
Me: My flat iron died. I'm planning the memorial service right now.
Greg: Stay calm. Do they still make the one you use? We have a $10K emergency fund for times like these.
Me: I have no idea, I haven't had to look at them since before we were married!
Greg: Do I need to come home?
Me: YES! And stop by Walmart to get me a flat iron. I have to go shopping with Mom this afternoon...

I need to go get some things done before my fam arrives. I know I've been a posting fool this weekend, but don't expect that trend to continue. :) Have a good week, peeps.

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Allison said...

Awww. I know a lot of flat irons that have bitten the dust lately. Wonder if there was a virus or something?

I hope you have lots of fun shopping with your mom and that she got a WONDERFUL report.