Thursday, December 1, 2011

Here I Go Again

What the heck. I've been tired and uncomfortable every day of this pregnancy, but starting this past weekend I've all of the sudden become incapacitated tired. There hasn't been a moment since Sunday that I didn't feel like I could lay down wherever I was and fall asleep. Yesterday I had a doc appointment and I fell asleep on the exam table waiting on the doc to show up. No, she wasn't really late. I was only waiting about 10 minutes. I fell asleep again after Greg got home last night. I couldn't hold up my head any longer.

Poor Kaycie is the one suffering from my sudden exhaustion. I had no problem with her going outside to play yesterday, but after about 8 minutes of trying to blow bubbles and play chase with her I was afraid I was going to fall down in the yard and pass out from exhaustion. How can I play with my kid when I can't stay awake? I fell asleep on the couch this morning while she was watching Mickey Mouse. When that went off I turned on another one and continued my nap. This went on from 6:30 until 8. Seriously. I'm going to turn my kid into a TV zombie just because I can't function. It's going to be a long six weeks from here out unless something changes.

On the bright side, my appointment yesterday went fine, except for the part where the scheduling/checkout lady was so irritating I nearly lost it. But other than that, we're all fine. Going back every week now, and I'll be getting sonograms starting next Wednesday. Granted, things will get more complex now because it's December and the clinic is swamped with people trying to work in annual exams before the end of the year and Kaycie will be out of school for two weeks which means we'll probably be hauling her to a couple of appointments this month. That's always a nightmare, it'll be worse when they're backed up. We usually go in the mornings and it's not so bad, but so far the next two appointments are in the afternoon. Thankfully I have awesome inlaws who have agreed to drive over an hour next week to pick Kaycie up at school at 2, since the only open time they had was at 1:40 and we'd have been picking her up in the middle of her nap! Heaven help us.

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