Wednesday, December 21, 2011

36 Weeks - (Not So) Shocking Developments

So today I went back to the doc for my weekly appointment and they were not only doing a sonogram but "checking" me for the first time.

Sonogram shows he's about 7lbs, which is right on track. He passed all his tests during the sonogram (movement, practice breathing, fluid, etc). The movement test wasn't a problem, he was fighting the sono tech the whole time.

Turns out my doc was delivering her second baby of the day and it had turned into a C-Section, so we were given the choice to wait forever or to see one of the other docs that I didn't know. I chose the other doc. He checked and me to see if we had made any progress at this point.

Anybody want to guess on how that turned out?

I suppose to put a silver lining on it I should say that I'm dilated as far as I was when I was admitted to the hospital with Kaycie.

On the down side, that would be exactly zero centimeters.

I told Greg that my hopes for Dec 28 were dwindling and we might as well suck it up and accept the fact that we'll be having this kid on January 11. Which is fine. He'll be pretty much fully cooked by then and at least we'll have the plan in place for somebody to take care Kaycie and everybody else who plans to be there can make arrangements.

But I was really really hoping to have this kid in 2011 and be home before the new year.

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