Wednesday, December 28, 2011

MicroTot Update - 37 Weeks

I've dilated to half a centimeter. It's a personal record for me...

What does it mean? Not much right now. He's got his head down, which is good, and Dr. T said that dilating on my own would make it easier for me during delivery. If I actually make some reasonable progress then I won't have to be admitted to the hospital the night before they induce, which would be super awesome since I do have a 2 year old at home to deal with. The fewer overnights at the hospital, the better.

As for everything else, the little guy appears to have gained a few ounces, up to 7lb 6oz (we were right at 7 last week, all just an estimate) and passed all of his sonogram tests easily again. He was practice breathing the whole time. And right about the time Dr. T asked if I'd had any contractions I was having one, so at least that's happening a couple of times a day (happened with K too, so I don't get too excited about it).

Where does that leave us? On track to induce on Jan 11. As much as I wold have loved to have given birth today, it's not going to happen and that's ok. That was a fairly selfish dream involving insurance deductables, tax deductions, and my own level of discomfort. The important thing is to have a fully baked kid. Two more weeks.

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Allison said...

Well, you have still have until midnight to make this happen in 2011.......

But in any case, I'm glad you're doing well, and getting a little restful break before the big event.