Thursday, December 22, 2011

Technical Difficulties

I'd ask if this day could get worse, but I know it can.

I'm a wee bit frustrated today. First, my mom left this morning after staying an extra day to help me clean house and chase my kid. She's awesome. As in "cleaned our bathrooms while we were at the doc yesterday" awesome. Cause I can't bend over enough to clean the tub or the floors and both bathrooms were beyond the point where I'd want anybody to walk into them.

Did I mention I'm hosting Christmas for both sides of the family this year due to my decision to not travel anymore until the baby arrives? Yeah. That would not only my parents, but my brother, his fiance, her three kids on Friday; then my inlaws who are spending the night on Saturday to be here for Christmas on Sunday, along with the return of my parents on their Santa-Tour Sunday. That's a lot of extra people visiting my nasty bathrooms/kitchen/living room this weekend. But Mom hooked me up, which was beyond the call of duty. Just saying.

Anyway, that wasn't the point. Mom left very early this morning, which left Kaycie very very sad. Add the nasty weather to the mix and I knew she was going to have a rough, whiny day. Indeed, she cried because she couldn't get the Christmas tree lights on, then cried because I helped her turn them on. Sigh. She's refused to eat and wants to do nothing but watch Curious George. Whatever.

Next, my Yahoo mail account was hacked last night and lots of emails went out that may contain a virus. Lovely. I've been meaning to ditch that account anyway due to Yahoo's desire to make me completely reset my password every two weeks by telling me that I "forgot" the password that I'd had for six years and had saved in cookies (GAH!). However, I've the account so long and had so many other accounts linked to it to that it seemed like a daunting task so I kept putting it off. Today was the last straw, so I started moving stuff to Gmail. That was frustrating in itself. Then I realized my Flickr account is a Yahoo product, so I can't exactly 'move' that (although I moved the notifications). Then I couldn't get my new Google account to sync to my phone (still not working). Then I had to reset some other log in info on my phone to reflect the new email (Facebook...) and then... Well, it's been a pain. Add a grumpy child to the mix and it's been a bad morning.
So I give up for the moment and decide to finish up the very last of my Christmas baking. I have everything done for gifts for tomorrow night except the truffles. Knowing I had saved the recipe here on the blog, I pulled it up and searched for "truffles." Apparently I'd disabled the search feature on my blog. What???? Ok, fine. I dink with it a while and get it tuned back on. I search for "truffles." No posts found. Now, not only did I know that I posted it, but I knew I tagged it as truffles and as gifts. So I searched for "gift." Nothing. I finally start scrolling back through my posts, knowing it wasn't far back, and find it. The word truffle is not only tagged, but it's all over the post. Why the heck wouldn't it find it??? I dunno. But I'm frustrated with the blog now.

With that said, I've got the first step of the truffles done and chilling in the fridge until nap time. I have most of my accounts moved from Yahoo, although I can't actually get the emails on my phone. I can't actually delete my Yahoo account because of Flickr, but at least I can ignore it. Now I have to figure out what to do with the whining kid on a yucky day when I need to be finishing up the cleaning and running a couple of errands. Sigh.

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