Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doing the Math

So I had my doc appointment for MicroTot today. If you're friends with me on FB you already saw the result and my obvious fear.

I can't birth a 12lb baby.

Here's the math. Sonogram estimated MT at 6lbs 11oz at 34 weeks, 2 days. That's 97th percentile. He measured big on everything else as well, landing at 85th percentile or greater in ever category. The tech said if I had come in today with no prior prenatal care, they'd declare me 37 weeks along and set my due date at December 27.

She also said that at his current rate of growth we could expect half a pound or more each week, landing us at an additional 4-5 pounds if he goes full term.

On the low end, he's closer to 6lbs now and gains 4. I'm giving birth to a 10lb baby.

On the high end, he's over 7 already and gains another 5. I'm looking at 12+lbs. Either way, that spells C-section, which really wouldn't make me happy. I liked getting to hang with Kaycie for a while after she was born instead of spending an hour in post-op. I liked the relatively short (5-7 days) recovery, even with a pretty bad episiotomy. I liked not having to pay for a C-section. BUT, Kaycie was just shy of 8 1/2 pounds, and they had to vacuum her out. I'm not sure how much bigger I could go and still push one out.

All that said, we asked the doc how for she'd let me go. She kinda shrugged and said she really, really wanted to see me get to 39 weeks.


Yes. Apparently (and I learned this from BFF Sharonda when baby Mason was early) white male babies are slow to complete lung development. Her comfort zone with his lungs is 39 weeks. That puts me in a really bad place. How do I sit on the line between not wanting to have a 12lb baby and wanting to make sure he's totally fully cooked? Of course I'm going to fall on the side of fully cooked, but Mason had perfect lungs and he was like 5 weeks early. That would be like having MT in the next week. Surely by 37 weeks he'd be ok, right? I dunno. But I do trust my doc, and that's important. I'm going to do whatever she says, no matter how crappy I'm feeling already.

She did have the nerve to ask if I felt bigger or heavier. Um, yes. And incredibly uncomfortable. Thanks.

On the bright side, we get sonograms once a week from here on out so we should be able to keep an eye on his growth. Here's hoping this all turns out best for MicroTot and I survive until he arrives...

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